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January 2019
1) Cats In Space – ‘Day Trip To Narnia’ (Harmony Factory – For me this is not as instant as their first two, but by golly it’s a grower!)
2) The Struts – ‘Young & Dangerous’ (Interscope – What an exciting prospect these guys are)
3) Bishop Gunn – ‘Natchez’ (Farm2Turntable – Compelling, fiery, Southern-infused rock)
4) REO Speedwagon – ‘Classic Years: 1978-1990’ (Hear No Evil – Nine discs of top-notch melodic hard rock)
5) Zal Cleminson’s Sin Dogs – ‘Vol 1’ (Sin Dogs Music – Powerful, memorable hard rock from the former SAHB/Nazareth guitarist)
6) Viana – ‘Forever Free’ (Escape Music – A mix of timeless AOR and grin-inducing blue collar hard rock)
7) Raven – ‘Screaming Murder Death From Above: Live In Aalborg’ (SPV – Athletic rock performed onstage in Denmark)
8) Them – ‘Manor Of The Se7en Gables’ (SPV – A gripping collision of power-metal and thrash)
9) Magnum – ‘Live At The Symphony Hall’ (SPV – Audio document of their most recent UK tour)
10) Thunder – ‘Please Remain Seated’ (BMG – The more delicate sound of Thunder…)
11) Starbreaker – ‘Dysphoria’ (Frontiers – A potent mix of melody and metallic muscle)
12) Dewa Budjana – ‘Mahandini’ (MoonJune – Exotic, guitar-led prog, with many special guests)
13) Renaissance – ‘Ashes Are Burning’ (Eclectic Recordings – Turning the clock back to 1973… such a beautiful voice)
14) Dead Man’s Whiskey – ‘Under The Gun Reloaded’ (McCall – Big, blues-laden hard rock)
15) Greenslade – ‘Greenslade’/‘Spyglass Guest’ (Eclectic Recordings – Expanded editions of albums from 1973 and ’74)
16) Tug Of War – ‘Soulfire’ (Escape Music - Balances a fizzy energy with Toto-esque proficiency)
17) Tara Lynch – ‘Evil Enough’ (Cargo – Melodic metal from the US guitarist/singer, soon to support UFO)
18) Tear Gas – ‘Tear Gas’ (Esoteric Recordings – The roots of SAHB… newly re-mastered)
19) The Keith Reid Project – ‘In My Head’ (Rockville – Enjoyable new solo music from Procol Harum’s co-founder)
20) Michael Bloomfield – ‘Living In The Last lane’ (Angel Air – His final album, first issued in 1980, now with bonus track)

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