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Friday 6th May
That's a best-yet at the gym - a full 60 minutes on the treadmill. No doubt I will feel the pain tomorrow, but it eases the guilt of a full day on the ale at Selhurst for the final home game of the season, versus Stoke Shitty.

Thursday 5th May
There's nothing nicer than when a proud father offers sincere thanks for your magazine's treatment of his son's band. Doubly so when that dad is Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters, and his lad is John Fred, drummer of Black Stone Cherry. I enjoyed a lovely phone conversation with Young Senior, he's a bit of a chatterbox but what a lovely guy. His story about turning up to meet John Fred and the BSC with a couple of four-packs of beer, and being turned away ("You're not bringing that onto our bus!") was great.
I absolutely love this YouTube clip, the title track of 'Folklore', the new album from Big Big Train, probably my favourite group of the moment. Brilliant band, amazing song, clever promo. Love it, love it, love it!

Dave Ling OnlineWednesday 4th May
Yeeeee-haw. Thanks to my good friend Kevin Denman we have obtained tickets for the FA Cup Final - Crystal Palace vs ManUre. Let's have revenge for 1990, when the Eagles were seven minutes from lifting the trophy for the first time but lost in a replay, purrrrrrr-leassse! COYP!

Tuesday 3rd May
Here's a wringing wet Bob The Dog enjoying the warmer weather in the local park. The silly sod has gone and lost the frisbee. But it looks as though the summer is finally on its way. Not before time.
Dave Ling OnlineThis one is still a way off, but I'm looking forward to Stray's gig at the Borderline on November 18. Amazingly, 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the four original members meeting as teenagers in London's Shepherd's Bush. Whichever way you slice it, that's a heck of an achievement. Guitarist/vocalist Del Bromham is the only original member of the current line-up, though Steve Gadd, Ritchie Cole and Gary Giles will all be in attendance... and, well, you can probably guess the rest. It should be a special night, and one very much deserved by Bromham, one of the nicest men in rock music. Tickets on sale now from www.reallylivemusic.com.

Monday 2nd May
Phew... that's day #2 at the gym negotiated without harm. I ran faster and for longer on the treadmill (didn't fall off it this time, either!). Farted about with some weights. You know what? Think I could get to like it. Eddie was the star, though. 101% effort. Top lad...
Six years ago today, Palace drew their last game of the season at Sheffield Wednesday. In administration at the time, defeat and relation to the third tier would have been unthinkable to a potential buyer; it really was the day that my beloved football club could have gone out of business. How far we've come since then. I'll never forget being at the game with Steve Way, the rollercoaster of emotions as Palace took the lead twice and were pegged back each time... the drama of those final mines and the elation as the final whistle blew. Wednesday were down and Palace were safe. What a tangible sense of relief during the journey home. Just as memorable - spending the night before on the lash with various members of Kiss after their gig in Sheffield and with my Classic Rock colleague Paul Elliott, who kindly let me kip on his hotel room floor. Necking back a huge bottle of wine in a park close to the ground as the kick off drew near... wow, it's hard to sum up those emotions. A truly incredible 24 hours.

Sunday 1st May
Congrats to all of my Geordie mates for yesterday's 1-0 victory at St James' Park. Palace had looked the only possible winners until one moment of quality changed an otherwise dour game. Cabaye's pen was dreadful. Shame the Mackems nicked a point at the death, too. I really wouldn't wanna be in Norwich's shoes right now. But Toon fans... don't forget that we won 5-2 on aggregate. Hehehe.
Dave Ling OnlineAnyway, I'm happy to say that it's a lovely, bright, warm Sunday morning here in Sarf London, and I'm hangover-free. So I'm off to the record fair in Orpington for the first time in a year, followed by a Sunday lunch with Dad and the Linglets. Niiiice.
[Edit: The lunch with Dad was going so well... until he casually remarked: "By the way, look what I found last week in a drawer - I thought you'd like to have it back again." My passport from 1979. ‪#‎whoisthisgoon‬?]

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